1. 1) Super high water absorption SAP material :
    Same premium material as Baby diapers, medical grade, soft, non-toxic,safe odorless, non-irritating, super absorption level. Fluid transformed into spill-proof gel in seconds. Excellent water retention even with pressurized water will not escape from the super absorbent resin, leak resistant.

    2) Multiple anti-leak and explosion-proof design:
    Large diameter Soft catheter opening and Non-slip ring design easy to fix in position with one hand, suitable for standing or sitting posture. Bag with Anti-burst package and pressure smooth edge and super sealed zipper, double spill guard.

    No leakage, no odor. Self-sealing after first use.

    3) Large capacity

    Average urine cycle is approximately 300 milliliters to 500 milliliters.

    2-in-1 Design for Vomit or Urination. Easy to use, right out the box and can be discarded after use.

    4) Disposable urine bag for outdoor emergency use:
    Perfect Accessory for traffic jams, driving long-distance, car sickness. Elderly Patient emergency. Ideal for kids and adults for traveling, backpacking, camping, hiking, mountaineering, outdoor activities.

    For Women: Put the middle finger through the ring. Confirm that the self-seal is open before use. 

    For Men: Place thumb through ring. Confirm the seal seal is open before use. Close self seal after use and discard.

    Assembled in the USA with  5 Disposable Pocket Urinal, Alcohol Wipes and Tissue. Your Instant Convenient Anywhere Portable Urinal Convenience Pack.  UNISEX .




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