Top quality. Use post or pre surgery. For any procedure. Lipofoam gives uniform smooth compression over a suctioned area. It is ideal for any area uniform healing is needed. LipofoamTM is fabricated from the highest quality fine cell polyurethane foam for superior performance and patient comfort. The foam is designed give uniform smooth compression and may be inserted between post-operative compression garment and suctioned area, or adhered to surface with the use of Adhesive spray. The foam may be easily cut to any desired size or shape and applied where uniform healing is necessary. SPECIFIC DESIGN POINTS: Finest quality medical grade polyurethane foam for patient comfort and consistent compression distribution. Gel free for greater flexibility in placement and patient movement. Latex free.
Convenient packing one pouch of two 7 1/2" long X 5 1/2" wide soft foam sheets. Perfect and plush feel on the skin. Please verify size before ordering. This size may be used for several minor post surgical procedures. We do have standard larger size sheets in other listings.


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