Lipo Healing Surgery Strips.  10.5" long  X 2.5 " wide  lipofoam strips  Extra Soft Worn Under Garments.

The foam is designed give uniform smooth compression and may be inserted between post-operative compression garment and suctioned area, or adhered to surface with the use our Adhesive spray. 

The foam is easily cut to any desired size for smaller areas where  uniform healing is necessary.


Finest quality medical grade polyurethane foam for patient comfort and consistent compression distribution.

  • Gel free for greater flexibility in placement and patient movement.
  • Latex free.
  • Convenient packing one   YOU WILL BE RECEIVING A 3 PACK.
  • PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A SALE FOR A PACK OF 3 PIECES....of a smaller 10.5" long  x 2.5" wide and 1/2 inch thick strips. 

    This size is ideal for smaller procedures and may be cut to fit. They are 1/2 inch thick. Super soft may me worn under garment including chin  straps which we also have listed. 



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