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What Is Lipo Healing Foam

When you have lipo or any other plastic surgery, you will have to wear compression garments to help with the swelling. Even though you hope to look amazing after your surgery, the truth is that you wont’ see results for a while, months even, and will come out quite swollen. To help with the swelling and uncomfortableness, the doctor will tell you to wear compression garments as long as you can. This is because there are small cavities under your skin where the lipo was done and if they are not compressed, they’ll fill with fluid. The compression will reduce the swelling and edema, and can even improve your final result by helping the skin shrink.

But these undergarments can by uncomfortable on your incision site since they are fitted and tight. To help easy with any discomfort, Lipo Healing foam is recommended. The foam is super soft and comfortable against your skin when worn in between your compression garments. Your skin will be sensitive after surgery and these foam pads will ease any pain or discomfort, even months after the lipo.

Lipo Healing foam is also designed to give you uniform smooth compression and can be inserted in between any post-operative compression garment and suctioned area for added compression and support. Even though the pads come in large sizes, it’s still easy to cut to any desired size or shape. You can use it for lipo on the back, abdomen, thighs and even your chin! Simply measure the size you need and then cut away. It’s gel-free for greater flexibility in placement and patient movement, while being latex free so it won’t make you sweat or give you an allergic reaction. The foam can also be adhered to the surface using Hollister adhesive spray, but it’s not necessary. And they can be used for other medical procedures like a tummy tuck or even a C-section, ideal for being used under a variety of medical compression garments, including girdles, bras, belts and other post-surgery clothing.

Your surgeon will inform you on how long you should use the foam sheets, but you can use ideally use them for as long as you need!