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Many people have questions about recovery after liposuction.

Its understandable, here at LipoHealing our researchers answer the questions people have sent to us and also gathered the best questions and answers from the web.

Q: What are the Lipo foams and boards for? Also, what is the impact if you don't use them?
  • The foam - if put on immediately after your surgery - reduces bruising a lot.
  • I have my patients throw it out after 3 days - it's work is done.
  • Compression - foam, boards, binders, garments - all are to reduce swelling but it is not clear if they affect your final result. 
  • If your surgeon wants you to use foam or boards for an extended period of time and they are uncomfortable, I suggest you talk with her/him about just using a binder or garment.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD' -

Q: Liposuction Swelling - How Long Until It Goes Down? "I had my saddlebags removed six weeks ago and one of them looks lumpy and looks like if I have something in there that moves. I also had liposuction above my butt, I'm still numb and I now I have a lump. Will this go away? How long does it take for swelling to go away?"
A: "After liposuction, major swelling may last for a month or two. The minor swelling can linger for several months after that. The skin contraction and shrinkage takes approximately 6-9 months to occur, meaning you may not see your final result/outcome for 6 months to one year after your surgery. The compression garment is to be worn for the first 4-6 weeks to assist in the skin contraction such that an even contour is achieved. If you notice some hard or firm areas a few weeks after surgery, this is normal. You can gently massage the area with circular motions using a lotion to help expedite the softening process of the firm, calcified fat. Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for any other liposuction related concerns. - William Bruno, MD" -

Q: How Long Do You Recommend Wearing the Compression Garment After Liposuction?
A: "It is my standard practice for liposuction patients to wear compression garments 24 hours a day (except when bathing, etc.) for about the first 3 weeks, depending on the extent of liposuction and then 12 hrs per day (day or night time) for 3 additional weeks.

The reasons for the compression garment:

  • There are little cavities beneath your skin where the liposuction was done, and if these are not compressed they will fill with fluid.
  • Compression (but not too much) will reduce swelling/edema.
  • The compression garment may improve your final result by assisting skin to shrink.
- Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS" -