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Cosmetic shortcomings after liposuction include
  • There may be scars at the site where the doctor made the cut to insert the liposuction canula. These scars are usually small and fade with time but in some people, scars may be larger or more prominent.
  • The liposuction site may have a wavy or bumpy appearance after liposuction.
  • Liposuction results may not be permanent. If you gain weight after liposuction surgery, the fat may return to sites where you had liposuction or to other sites.
  • Results may be less dramatic than what you were expecting and this can be disappointing.
  • Follow your Doctors instructions as per dressings and application.
  • Lipofoam may be used under any compression garment to prevent abrasion from the garment.since the area will be tender.
  • Our lipofoam conforms to the high standard required and recomended by health professionals.