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5 Ways to Maintain Results after Liposuction Procedures

Having liposuction gave you the fat-removing, slimming results you desired. But now, how do you keep your belly flat and your arms looking slim and fit at the same time without putting the flab back on? Here are five prime ways to stay slim, firm, and maintain results after liposuction.

1. Drink Water

Many people who seek to lose weight increase the amount of water they drink to do so. These individuals drink about 64 ounces of water per day. According to the website healthline, drinking an adequate amount of water helps people lose weight and maintain weight loss. Drinking water helps a person lose weight by:

• Helping the body burn more calories via a resting energy expenditure of calories. Adults tend to lose between 24 and 30 percent more weight after drinking cold water. 

• Reducing body size. Not only does drinking water help you lose weight, but it also reduces a person’s body mass index (BMI), waist size and body fat. So if you had liposuction performed to remove body fat, drinking water can keep that body fat off. 

• Drinking water just before meals helps a person feel fuller and reduces appetite, especially in adults aged 40 and older. 

• Choosing to drink water rather than other caloric drinks helps maintain your figure and keep weight off. 

2. Follow a Continued Exercise Regimen 

Most people who decide to have liposuction choose to do so because they have already lost weight and still have stubborn belly fat. These hard-working individuals most likely already know how important exercising is to losing weight and keeping weight off. It only takes about two weeks after surgery for you to be able to exercise a little. Be sure to follow your cosmetic surgeon’s advice on what exercise is permissible. 

Your cosmetic surgeon will most likely recommend that you get up and start moving within forty-eight hours of your procedure. You will need to listen to your body’s hints as to when you’ve had enough exercise in the first three weeks after the procedure. You won’t return to more strenuous types of exercise such as aerobics and running until about three weeks after surgery. You’ll need to start off slowly and gradually regain your strength to maintain results after liposuction.

Resistance Exercises

During the second week after your procedure, most cosmetic surgeons allow their patients to begin resistance training. For a while, you’ll need to avoid exercising the surgical area. But once the area of the surgery is completely healed, you may begin exercising your abs or underarms, starting slowly and gradually increasing your amount of effort.

3. Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle

In addition to aerobic and spot exercises, you should increase your general level of activity to keep yourself active and in great all-over physical condition. Sitting too much hampers your overall health and may cause you to sag in areas that you’d like to keep flat.

Here are some ideas on how to beat back a sedentary lifestyle:

• Stand up and move your legs about every 20 to 30 minutes, even if it is only for a short amount of time. Walk around your office, and up and down hallways. 
• Stand up to work. Get a standing desk. 
• Stand up for phone calls. 
• Take the stairs instead of the elevator. 
• Get up and do something during TV commercials.
• Limit TV viewing and time spent recreationally using the computer.

Don’t be a couch potato. Get up and move to keep looking great after liposuction. 

4. Make Healthy Diet Choices

Your liposuction smoothed out the bulging areas of your body. Now is not the time to revert to bad eating habits and put the bulges back on! One way to keep extra fat off is to eat a healthy diet that is low in fat. Maintain you liposuction by eating a healthy diet and keeping your weight down. Fat cells removed during liposuction won’t return. If you eat a high calorie, high-fat diet, you’ll gain weight back and also regain fat cells in all the wrong places. For a healthy diet, choose low-fat foods, vegetables, fruit and low-fat meat with visible fat removed. If you select healthy foods, your liposuction should be easy to maintain. 

5. Reduce Stress

Stress remains one of the main causes of weight gain. This means that to avoid weight gain, you’ll need to learn to relax. Here are a few suggestions to keep from gaining weight after liposuction and reduce your stress levels.

Stress raises levels of cortisol in a person’s system, which in turn creates a craving for all kinds of unhealthy foods. Some studies even suggest that raised cortisol levels reduce the number of calories burned by the body. This reduction may be caused by the junk food eaten during stressful periods causing higher levels of insulin. Higher levels of insulin cause increased fat storage, which you want to avoid if you have had liposuction.

One important way to keep from being stressed and help you lose or maintain weight is to strive for a consistent daily routine. Here are some additional stress reduction tips:

• Stay positive
• Explore your spiritual side. 
• Take some time each day to visualize a calm scene and be aware of your breath. 
• Take a soaking bath or sit in a hot tub for a while. 
• Be grateful for the good things in your life.

We hope that these five steps will help you maintain the  look you wanted when you got liposuction.
Drink water, exercise, keep moving, make healthy food choices, and reduce stress in your life.